What Is Intimate Photography, Anyway?

7 Feb 2018

 You're looking for a photographer and you are hearing a ton of words being thrown out to describe styles. It can be a bit much to keep track of while you are narrowing down your options, especially if you're not 100% sure what it all means. Photography is art after all, and art is subjective.


Intimate and romantic is how I describe my style. So what exactly does that mean for you? Well, for starters, this is how I describe the way I take portraits of couples. It's only part of what I do on a wedding, but it is what I consider the best part of what I do. This means if romantic portraits are your top priority for your wedding photos I might just be what you're looking for, and you should probably give me a shout.


I work to create a relaxed mood for my clients, one where they can feel comfortable being themselves. This is how the magic starts. Once you are able to relax and forget about the camera you can focus on each other and create real moments for me to capture. But don't worry -- you won't be entirely left to your own devices. I also help guide my clients into motion and movements to keep from feeling stuck or awkward. 


By giving my subjects some space I can help them naturally create intimacy. I often shoot with a high aperture and using natural light to make soft images that just scream romance. I also focus on capturing camera unaware portraits to give the feeling of a secret moment caught on film.


So what is intimate photography? It's the moments between poses. The genuine and natural moments that unfold. That's the stuff I live for!




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