Gellatly Nut Farm Kelowna Engagement

2 Dec 2016

After exchanging glances and flirty smiles across a local cafe Jenn and Garrett knew that they had encountered something special. Something more than a just chance meeting. Though Garrett may have been in a rush to attend to some errands, he seized the opportunity and (somewhat awkwardly) gave Jenn his number scrawled on a scrap piece of paper. He forgot the part about saying hello or introducing himself ... but the butterflies Jenn felt from that brief encounter lead them to their first date just a couple of weeks later.

Camping is a must-do activity for these two, and during a trip to Tofino while watching the sunset on the beach Garrett knew the moment was perfect. He may have been a little caught up in the mood because when he did pop the question (and spoiler alert she said Yes! Of Course!) Garrett had realized he left the ring in his back pack. After he returned with the ring he took a knee and proposed a second time with ring in hand. Once Jenn had said yes (round two) Garret had dropped the ring in the sand and barely saved it from being washed away with the tide. He proposed one final time, and this time the ring made it onto Jenn's finger safely.

So, uniquely for Jenn, she was proposed to three times in ten minutes by the same man, and most importantly said yes to every one. There has to be some kind of award we can give her for that, right?

Garret and Jenn (clearly) cherish each other's company. They love being outdoors, hiking, biking, or just walking around the neighborhood. They make time for each other and are constantly engaged in each others dreams and love to hear about the little things that made up their days. Ok, a little cheesy I know, but I am absolutely in love with how in love these two are! 

They're an adventurous pair, and at times they can be a little over ambitious with their plans (always worth it in the end!) They told me a story about how last summer they hiked up to an Alpine hut in the Kootenays. So, it's "only" a 5k hike ... no problem, right? Except it was almost completely vertical for the entire hike! They were both worn out when they made it to the top but they tell me the views were worth it and those memories will always be with them. Can I just say... #relationshipgoals.

It's important to me beyond anything that all my couples enjoy their time with me. As we know, not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, so I always love to hear feedback from my couples about their sessions to make sure they were satisfied. Here's what Garrett & Jenn had to say about their engagement session at Gellatly Nut Farm. 


"Both of us were nervous to begin with... after we got the giggles out it was a really nice experience to be intimately in our own little bubble having whisper conversations among the two of us. To prep, we made sure that we weren't wearing the same thing (we often dress the same without even [planning to]. A funny moment we had while being photographed was when nuts started dropping from the trees... we joked about [them] falling on us while we were focused on being photographed." 💗

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