Capturing Your Proposal

12 Oct 2016

There's a chill in the air and lots of couples are cuddling up a little closer to stay warm. With Christmas, New Years, and Valentines coming up quickly what better way to make it extra special for the one you love than to plan your proposal? 


You've probably been planning it. The details race through your mind and maybe your even a little nervous. You know the moment will pass by so quickly and after that intimate time to celebrate your new commitment to each other you will be thrown in to wedding planning and the excited chatter from friends and family. Why not take the extra step to preserve the moment she says yes? The look on her face and the love in her eyes? Professional photography is an amazing gift and makes the moment that much more precious.

Prepare for your engagement photography with these insider tips!


💍 Don't keep any secrets .., from your photographer that is. The more I know about your plans and the tiny details the better prepared I can be to make the most of your proposal. Keep in touch via text, especially during the day of the proposal, to make sure I am privy to any last second changes. We all know life never goes as planned, but that's OK! I am always on my toes. 


💍 Determine your shoot strategy. There are two ways you can photograph a proposal. One is secretly, where she has no idea there is a photographer, and the other is to arrange a couple's portrait session and surprise her during the shoot. Both options have their benefits. If she doesn't know I am there you will have more privacy and intimacy to the proposal. But, if she does, I am able to move around more freely and get better angles and tighter shots.


💍 Where will you pop the question? There is lots to consider here, whether you are planning a romantic dinner or a long walk on the beach. Do you want to surround her with family and friends, or would you prefer a more private location? If you are planning to propose in a busy public place be mindful of where people are and find a quieter spot if you want to avoid strangers in the shot. If you need any help figuring out the best place I am always happy to give personalized advice!


💍 Night or day? This is important to consider from a photography standpoint. If you are planning a romantic evening out and you would prefer she doesn't know about the photographer, this can create some challenges to capture the moment without flash. Arrange the proposal to happen in an area with beautiful ambient lighting such as street lights, fire works, or Christmas lights. Or, if you want something more dramatic we can work together to set a specific location for the proposal and I will set up flashes in the area and pop them off when you get down on one knee.


💍 Be prepared for a photo shoot! This might go without saying, but no one likes to be surprised by a photo shoot when they aren't looking their best. Make sure you are well dressed and groomed, and be sure that she is prepared as well. You can treat her to a spa day for her nails, take her out for a nice dinner to encourage her to dress in her best,


💍 Personal touches make the moment special. Every proposal is a little different and it's the details that take it to the next level. Write her a letter, or print out photos of your favourite memories. Make a sign, or maybe a scrap book. Add candles, flowers, champagne, or balloons. Don't be afraid to go a little over the top and embrace your inner cheesiness. Believe me, she will love all the thought you put into the special moment.


💍 Team work makes the dream work. If you are planning to propose in a hotel, restaurant, winery, theater, or any other public location, be sure to get in touch with the staff. You will be blown away by how helpful and eager people can be to make sure your moment with her is perfect. 





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