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21 Apr 2016

Being a bride comes with a certain effortless beauty -- but lets be honest, there's a lot of hair and makeup that goes along with that natural glow. Like any other girl with a love for glamour I have always wondered about the insider tricks that hair and makeup artists use to give their clients an impeccable style that lasts through the day.


So, I thought, who better to ask than an industry professional? I spent some time chatting with Karisa Best so I could pick her brain and get some insight on the secrets to bridal beauty.


"The best part about this industry is that it is ever changing. I am constantly on my toes. I love to see a client leave my chair with a fresh new look and the knowledge to maintain that style at home. My passion lies in how I can change my client's perspective of themselves and help bring their inner beauty to the outside. - Karisa


A fresh new look definitely boosts my confidence. So for brides looking for a fresh modern style I had to ask about 2016 trends to try. Check out Karisa's style guide for the summer below!

  💋 Hippie Chic + Doll Eyes: You can achieve a doe eyed look by purchasing Ardell false lashes of your choice, preferably the more spaced out lashes like styles #102, #104, and #106. For a hippie hairstyle like you would see on the runways, use second day hair and add a few braids in the underneath sections. For more texture and volume on second day day I like to use Karastase's VIP powder at the roots.


💋 Faux FrecklesFreckles are huge this summer, and they are such a beautiful feature. For those of us who don't have any we can easily create our own. You can get this look by using either the MAC lips pencil in Oak, or the MAC eye pencil in coffee. You can also try them both to create a more natural look. 


💋 Natural CurlsCurls are hot this season, and the bigger and bouncier the curls the better. My favourite curly hair product line is Karastase's new line, Curl Ideal. Try the shampoo, conditioner, curl creme, and mousse, all together for the best results.


💋 Bushy BrowsBold brows have been an essential look for the past few seasons and it seems like they aren't going anywhere soon. To achieve a thick brow I use a powder such as Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in complimenting shades, then finish with a brow gel in a neutral brown to tame hairs into place. 


Jenn: What are your tips for long lasting hair and makeup on a hot summer wedding day?



For those hot summer days to keep your makeup from running down your face I use a setting spray. Right now my favourite sprays are by NYX Cosmetics in either a dewy or matte finish. 

As for long lasting hairstyles the trick is in how you cocktail your products in your hair and how you let it dry. All of the products below have thermal/heat protectors in them which is very important with the use of styling tools.


💄If you are a wash and wear king of gal my go to products are the Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oils. There are three different kinds for different hair care needs. Pair this with Kerastase Materialiste when dealing with naturally straight fine hair. For curls, my favourite is the Kerastase Bouncles D'Art Mousse paired with Kerastase Baume Double Je.


💄For girls who like to a blowout with tons of volume and movement I like to use Kerastase Form Fatale on mids to ends, Kerastase Materailiste on top of that, then Kerastase VIP Powder on the crown section's roots. Finish by blow-dry with a round brush and set it all in place with Kerastase Laque Couture hairspray.


💄Finally, for the naturally curly haired girl who likes to diffuse and wants lots of hold, my go to is the Kerastase Mousse Bouffante paired with the Kerastase Lift Vertige. After your hair is diffused set it in place with Kerastase Laque Noire hairspray. 

Jenn: What is your advice to brides to prep your skin in the days before the wedding?




There are numerous rituals women have created to prepare your skin days before a wedding to ensure it will look it's best. Here are a few of my tips for beautiful skin. Remember to start prepping your skin at least one week before the wedding. 

💎 Start with your eyebrows. They are the frame to your face and one of the main focal points. You can prepare your brows by seeing a professional to get the perfect shape. Ask about tinting brows as well, it makes a world of difference in how they look!


💎 Next is skincare. If you are not already, you should be using a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer twice a day. This will ensure your makeup from the previous day is completely washed off your face, giving you clean pores and even skin tone to work with.


💎 Last, watching what you eat can make a difference. Do not try any new flavours or foods as you never know if you will have a bad reaction that could spread to your face. 

 I have to say a huge thank you to Karisa for spending the time to put together her advice to 2016 brides! May your skin be clear, your teeth free of lipstick, and your nails without chips. Much love and luck,





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