7 Tips To Get You Ready For Your Closeup

19 Mar 2016

Ok, so, even the best of us have a bit of camera-phobia at times and your wedding day is going to be jam packed with photo ops, selfie sticks, and a pro photographer to boot. You might already have a few selfie angles down but a lot of people get stressed out by the pressure to look fabulous and natural at the same time. 


It's not impossible, and with a couple of tips you will be well on your way to mastering the art of being photographed. Let's get started!

 1. Know what to do with your hands


Stiff hands make for a stiff and uncomfortable looking photo. The easiest way to keep this from happening is simply giving yourself something to do with them. Whether you are holding a bouquet, holding hands, or playing with your hair, these simple motions add a lot of depth to a photo. You can always pop a hand on your hip to add a bit of sassy attitude to a shot!

2. Good light is everything


While I take lighting into my own hands as a professional, it never hurts to know a thing or two about what good light is. The best light is wherever there is lots of it, and next to no shadows to be found. Sunrise and sunset offer the best lighting outdoors, and you can almost always count on a room with good windows to provide something lovely to work with. So, what does this mean for you? Take light into consideration when you are planning the schedule for your wedding day portraits and think about where an airy light spot to get ready before the ceremony would be.

 3. Know your good side


To be honest, you probably already do. Take a selfie right now -- see the way you just turned your chin? You are showing off your good side. Don't be afraid to spend some time in the mirror playing with some poses and getting a feel for your angles.

4. Stand up straight


But be careful when you do! A lot of people tense up when trying to achieve good posture. Remember to lift up from the top of your head and let your shoulders relax. This gives you that effortless looking posture that is just plain old flattering on anyone. Add a little pop in your hip away from the camera's lens to create an hourglass shape too.

5. Smile, for real


Smiling on your wedding day is something that will come easy, of course. But you may find after a few shots you will wind up with a stiff smile for the camera. Between the profession photos and countless smart phone snaps it's completely understandable. So, how do you reset your smile? Start by relaxing your mouth and exhaling. Look away, or look at someone who could make you smile genuinely (like, for instance, your SO) and then look back at the camera. It never hurts to do something silly or crack a joke to help relax your smile-muscles! Remember, if you are feeling particularly stiff, that genuine smiling shows in the eyes. So, when in doubt, don't forget to smize. (For those who don't watch ANTM this is a very slight squint in your eyes that occurs when you smile naturally)

6. Eliminate the double chin


Everyone, I repeat, every single person has a double chin. And there is an easy little trick to hide that bad boy, and I am not talking about the bird's eye camera angle (but, legit, that does help). By pushing your chin out and slightly down you give a little extra space between your neck and chin and thus removing the shadows that cause the double chin effect. Combined with good lighting and angles this is extremely flattering. You may feel silly or kind of like a turtle poking out of it's shell, but believe me it translates very well on camera. Another thing to practice in the mirror! 

7. Interaction and just plain having fun


My style focuses a lot on capturing natural interactions and real moments. At any point during your shoot don't be afraid to have a laugh, tell a joke, or even share an intimate moment on camera. The most important thing to me is that you are enjoying yourselves and your wedding day -- and of course capturing stunning photos as the moments unfold. 


Photos by Jenn Beal | Copywrite Banff Photography


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