Caitlin & Patrick’s Banff Engagement

18 Apr 2015

Caitlin and Patrick do a lot of travelling for work, so when they got word they would be flying out to the prairies in only a few weeks they knew they had to get their engagement photos done while they were still in Alberta. I mean, after all, they had one of their first dates at the top of the Sulphur Mountain Gondola! Caitlin gave me a call and in no time we set up a photo play date in beautiful Banff. It all started at the Fairmont Banff Springs where we took advantage of a quiet Monday morning.


Even though it snowed so much right before their shoot (37cm to be exact. I’m talking mountain blizzard) we were blessed with sunny skies, warm weather, and big fluffy white clouds. The scenery was just perfect.

On the way up to the Gondola I got to know Caitlin and Patrick a little bit better. They shared stories of their big lovable dog and dreams of a beach wedding. They told me the story of their Disney engagement — which didn’t quite work out exactly how Patrick planned. We’ve all been known to wake up on the wrong side of the bed now and then, and during a family portrait session (where Patrick was going to pop the question on camera) Caitlin was just not in the mood. It was later in the day during an abrupt Disney photo-op Patrick saw his opportunity to capture the moment Caitlin said yes. So down on one knee he went, and as he asked her to marry him the crowds gathered around to get photos of their own (souvenirs I guess?). These two were a funny couple, they had me cracking up for the whole shoot!

 We made a quick stop at the highest Starbucks in the world (no biggie) to warm up from those mountain top winds. It didn’t take long until we got on the road again and up to some more trouble!

 With spring in the air, Caitlin and Patrick were eager to get out their baseball gloves and practice their catching skills. They threw on their matching Jets hats (I think they just love sports in general) and I prayed that the ball wouldn’t find its way to my lens. As it turns out they had done this before and I (my lens) was perfectly safe!

Overall this was a truly spectacular day, not just in the beauty of the Mountains — but the beauty in the love Caitlin and Patrick have for each other. It’s easy to see how much they mean to each other and I know that wherever life takes them they will go together, hand in hand. Thank you two for bringing me along for your Banff adventure, and letting me capture the moments as they unfolded! For information on how you can book your engagement session, please contact me!


Photographs by Jenn Beal | Copywrite Banff Photography

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