Emily & Steve’s Cosy Calgary Engagement Shoot

26 Jun 2015

 Emily and I go way back to the 2014 Calgary Bridal Fantasy show where I met her and her mom for the first time. With a 2016 date set, Emily was eager to get planning to make sure her big day goes off without a hitch.

Last weekend, Emily, Steve, and I all got to meet up for a long awaited engagement shoot. The original vision was sunrise light on Stephen Ave in Calgary, but the weather had other, quite charming, plans. The evening before it rained and at 5:30 am they woke to find clouds and a light drizzle to boot.

That didn’t stop us! Emily and Steve spend some time at the Olympic Plaza, Calgary decked out in leather dress shoes and open toe stilettos. I got a warning before the shoot that these high school sweethearts were a little shy, but believe me this melted away quickly and I got to know Steve and Emily on a whole new level! It was really wonderful.

It was time to dry off a bit and Emily graciously invited me into her home where her mom had a pot of coffee brewing just for me! Talk about a warm welcome. I sipped away as Steve and Emily changed into some comfy lounging clothes and settled in.

Getting to know Steve and Emily in the comfort of their own home was such a joy. They were so relaxed and comfortable, and I feel that I got to know them on a level I don’t get to see too often. I felt like a close friend, or even a part of the family as we explored the corners of their abode.


We decided to face the rain again, but as we went out it was only light. We found coverage in a lovely pathway in their neighborhood canopied by trees bent which were bent by the heavy winter snowfall. They opened up even more playing around in the rain dropped leaves surrounding them.

Overall this rainy day with a camera shy couple turned into one of my favourite engagement sessions. Not only was it entirely lovely to work with Emily and Steve for the first time, it was exciting to have a chance to escape the mountains and shoot in the city.

I can’t wait to shoot this vibrant and loving pair again next year at their wedding in Banff! Thank you both for waking up at the break of dawn to spend a wonderful morning with me and my camera. For information on how you can book your engagement session, please contact me!


Photographs by Jenn Beal | Copywrite Banff Photography


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