Victoria & Brandon’s Chateau Lake Louise Wedding

19 Jun 2015

 The first time I met Victoria and Brandon I had a camera in hand and a couple celebrating their 20th anniversary smiling ear to ear for me. I suppose there would be no better way to introduce myself.


After I finished my shoot we met up again later in the day and got to talking about their wedding plans. Turns out they had travelled up from Wyoming to see the stunning Chateau Lake Louise in person. Victoria gushed about it’s beauty and how all she wanted was to marry Brandon on the balcony of the Belvedere suite. Hey, sometimes dreams do come true! 

The morning of the wedding was quiet and peaceful. Victoria and Brandon surrounded themselves with only their closest family members and they each had all the help and care they could need while preparing for the biggest moment of their lives.

Victoria’s classic and elegent beauty was complimented in her choice of wedding gown; a stunning tulle and lace dress in a subtle shade of blush. She looked so simply effortless when a bouquet was placed into her hands, and together we took a moment to capture the calm as she stood alone on the Belvedere suite balcony and enjoyed the stunning view of Lake Louise.

Brandon was soon out there with his parents sharing a moment of joy and pure anticipation. While his mother tried to contain her tears Brandon could not help but smile with everything he had.

 The ceremony itself was more than just the joining of Victoria and Brandon in marriage. The whole family blessed them as they joined together. Uncle Russel who knew their story so well shared the special moments in their lives together as he held his bible close. He helped them through their vows together and when it came time to say I do he invited all the family in attendance to to speak as well. It was truly beautiful to see how important this day was for not just Victoria and Brandon, but also for everyone in attendance.

Victoria had mentioned to me that she and Brandon were big fans of champagne, so needless to say it was flowing all day. A quick toast after the ceremony was followed by the cutting of a beautiful home made cheese cake with compote to match. There were so many personal touches to this intimate wedding day.

We toured the rocky shore of Lake Louise and captured wonderful moments as the rain clouds passed over without any fuss. The sun came out and Brandon swept Victoria right off her feet (to take a little break from those amazing shoes!) as we took romantic portraits.

At the end of the day it was time for some more champagne toasts, but not before Victoria surprised everyone with a dramatic wardrobe change. As effortlessly as ever she donned a stunning bridal white two piece suit. As the food was served and the drinks were poured stories flowed from each guest about the newlywed couple. From heartfelt memories to truly embarrassing anecdotes, there were plenty of smiles and raised glasses to go around.

Thank you Victoria and Brandon. Being a part of this small and intimate wedding day made me feel like one of the family! It was wonderful to capture the special moments as they happened for you. May you both have many years of joyful moments and laughter to come. For information on intimate wedding collections, please contact me!


Photographs by Jenn Beal | Copywrite Banff Photography


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